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Title Name Telephone Number

Administrative Judge For Civil Matters, 2nd Judicial District

Hon. Lawrence Knipel 347-296-1200
Chief Clerk For Civil Matters Charles A. Small, Esq. 347-296-1800
First Deputy Chief Clerk, Civil Term Ian J. Gaynor, Esq. 347-296-1802
Director of Building Operations Evan Gold 347-296-1580
Major, Security Operations Office Major Luz Bryan 347-296-1183

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Title Name Telephone Number
Supervisor, Ex-Parte/Part 72 Kenneth Harton 347-296-1721
Supervisor, Foreclosures Eric Newton 347-401-9334
Supervisor, Guardianship/Mental Hygiene Joseph Musolino 347-296-1757
Supervisor, Matrimonial Daniel Leary 347-296-1714
Supervisor, E-file / Motion Support Joseph Leddo 347-401-9249
Supervisor, Trial Support Renee Haile 718-675-8803
Supervisor, Kings Supreme Court Help Center TBA 347-296-1740
Supervisor, Subpoenaed Records TBA 347-296-1755
Fiduciary Clerk/Part 36 Dylan Schreifels 347-296-1856
Court Interpreter Hermes Mena 347-296-1156
Principal Court Reporter Keith Olarnick 347-296-1382
Chief Court Attorney, Law Department John Fiumara 347-296-1679
Law Librarian Anton Matejka 347-296-1144

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Other General Phone Numbers


Other Telephone Number
Kings County Criminal Supreme Court 347-296-1076
Kings County Clerk's Office 347-404-9762
Kings County Surrogate's Court 347-404-9700
Administration: 347-404-9690
Probate: 347-404-9670
Kings County Public Administrator 718-643-3032
Kings County Family Court 347-401-9610
Kings County Civil Court 347-404-9123
Kings County Criminal Court 347-404-9400
2nd Department, Appellate Term 347-401-9580
2nd Department, Appellate Division 718-875-1300

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