Jurors General Information

U.S. District Court Policy

In accordance with the Jury Plan for the Northern District of New York, jurors are exempted from serving in federal court for a period of two years if they have served previously in another court. In order to claim this exemption, the Northern District of New York requires that the person was actually selected as a juror on a case that reached a verdict. Simply going in for jury selection does NOT meet the requirement for this exemption.


Parking Accommodations

Jurors serving in Delaware Supreme & County Courts are allowed to park behind the County Office Building at 111 Main Street Delhi, NY or in front of the Courthouse on Main Street, Delhi, New York.


Jury Sequestration

Sequestration of jurors is no longer mandatory. Under the law, the trial judge will be authorized to decide, in all criminal cases, whether a deliberating jury should be sequestered or permitted to separate. It will be decided case by case, whether a jury will be allowed to separate or be sequestered.


Juror Information Form

Read this entire section before proceeding

If you have been directed to appear at the Court for Jury Duty, you will need to provide the Court with certain personal information. This information will be used to update the jury records with your service credit and to process your jury pay. The information you provide WILL be kept confidential.

Jury Compensation: Pursuant to Section 519 and 521 of the Judicial Law, effective February 15, 1998, Jurors will be paid $40.00 for each day of physical attendance with the following exceptions:

Exception #1

Jurors who are employed CANNOT be paid a jury fee for any day(s) on which they receive regular wages unless their regular wage is less than $40. In that case, the state will pay the difference between the juror's wage and the $40 fee.

Exception #2

Jurors who work for an employer with more than 10 employees MUST be paid, by their employer, at least $40 or his or her regular daily wage- whichever is less- for each of the first three days* of service. If a juror's daily wage is less than $40, the state will pay the difference between the juror's wage and the $40 for the first three days of service.

*Note: The obligation of the employer to pay only applies if the juror is serving on jury duty on a regular scheduled work day. If not, the state pays the daily fee of $40.