Payment of Fine or Surcharge in Criminal Court

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Payment Date

If you have been assessed a fine and/or mandatory surcharge, you must make payment by the date directed by the Court.


Acceptable Forms of Payment

Acceptable forms of payments are: cash, money order or certified bank check payable to the City Court, applying bail monies to a fine (click here for further instructions). credit cards (Mastercard, Visa & Discover) are accepted on Vehicle and Traffic Law cases only.

Note: The Court does NOT accept personal checks.


Where to Pay

Payments may be made: in person at the Clerk's Office located in the City Hall by mail (click here for address). Do NOT send cash through the mail. If paying by credit card (Mastercard, Visa & Discover) by mail for a Vehicle and Traffic case, you should request a credit card payment slip from the Clerk's office.

Note: Credit Card payments are not accepted via the telephone.


Partial Payments

The Court does NOT accept partial payments.


Extension to Pay

If additional time is needed to pay a fine or surcharge, you MUST appear in court at 9:00 a.m. on any day to request an extension.


Consequences of Failing to Pay

Failure to pay the fine and/or mandatory surcharge as directed will result in a warrant for your arrest and may result in the suspension of your drivers license.