Supreme Court Forms & Fees

Fees may be paid by cash, money order, bank check or certified check made payable to "BROOME COUNTY CLERK."

Personal checks or third party checks are not accepted.


Description Fee Form (PDF)
Application for Index Number $210.00 PDF
Request for Judicial Intervention $95.00 PDF
Trial Note of Issue $30.00 PDF
Motion or Cross Motion  $45.00  
Jury Demand $65.00  
Stipulation of Settlement or Voluntary Discontinuance $35.00  
Certified Copies $ .65 per page 
($5.00 minimum charge)
Criminal History Search Contact Broome County Clerk's Office 778-2257  
OCA Statewide Criminal History Search $52.00 PDF
(with Instructions)
Photocopies $.65 per page 
($1.30 minimum charge)
Notice of Appeal $65.00  
Application to Proceed as a Poor Person  No Fee PDF
Inmate Application for Reduced Filing Fee No Fee PDF
Child Support Summary Form (UCS-111) No Fee PDF
SCAR Petition $30.00