County Court


7660 N. State Street, 3rd Floor
Lowville, NY 13367

Phone: 315-570-2435
Fax: 315-671-6083

Lewis County Courthouse Photo


Multi-Bench Judge
Hon. Daniel R. King

Chief Clerk I
Isabelle M. Savage


The County Court is located in each county outside New York City. It is authorized to handle the prosecution of all crimes committed within the county. It has exclusive authority to handle trials in felony matters and shares authority with the local city, and town and village courts to handle trials in misdemeanor cases (offenses punishable by less than one year in prison) and other minor offenses and violations. The County Court also has limited authority to hear civil cases involving monetary awards of $25,000 or less.

Please note that the Court Clerk's Office is prohibited from providing legal advice. This would include assisting you in the completion of forms such as separation agreements, uncontested divorces, and applications for name changes. If you should require assistance, we recommend that you seek the advice of an attorney.

The following agencies may be able to assist you:

  • Legal Aide Society
    315-376-8202 or 315-732-2131
  • State Bar Referral Service