These are the official forms for use in Family Court proceedings. The forms listed as "orders" are provided simply as samples (as they must be signed by a judge, judicial hearing officer, referee or support magistrate). Many others are provided for use by public agencies in juvenile delinquency, child protective and other cases.

The forms are arranged by type of case, for example:

  • Petition forms for bringing the following types of cases: General Form-17 (custody or visitation), General Form-22 (writ of habeas corpus for custody or visitation), Form 4-3 (child support), Form 5-1 (paternity), Form 7-4 (PINS), Form 8-2 (family offense), Form UIFSA-4 (interstate child support or paternity) or Form UCCJEA-1 (interstate child custody or visitation).
  • General Form-21, for use in a child support, paternity, custody, visitation, abuse, neglect or family offense case, to request address confidentiality where disclosure would pose an unreasonable risk to health or safety to the petitioner/respondent, or that person’s child.
  • Form 4-24/5-16/UIFSA-10 (child support or paternity) or Form UCCJEA-7 (Interstate Child Custody and Visitation) for use in certain child support, paternity or interstate child custody or visitation proceedings, to request that testimony be taken by telephone, video-conference or other electronic means.