Hon. Wayne P. Saitta: Part 29 Rules

Civil Term - Part 29
360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Courtroom: Room 724
Court Clerk: 347-296-1582
Chambers: 347-296-1492
Fax: 212-720-9314


There will not be a call of the general calendar. All motions on the general calendar will be adjourned administratively. Attorneys may adjourn a motion t a specific Wednesday (other than the last Wednesday of the month) by sending a stipulation by email to Alexis Riley’s email (ariley@nycourts.gov).

Once all papers have been submitted on a motion, attorneys who want to move a motion to the oral argument calendar should email Alexis Riley at ariley@nycourts.gov, with the subject oral argument to arrange a date for oral argument.

Starting Wednesday, March 30, 2022 motions on the oral argument calendar will be argued in person in courtroom 724. Orders to Show Cause will be returnable in courtroom 724 and require an in-person appearance. 

General Motion Calendar:

  • Motions on the general calendar may be adjourned on consent of parties (to any Part 29 motion date).
  • Motions on the general motion calendar may be adjourned, settled, or withdrawn.
  • Motions on the general motion calendar may not be submitted.
  • If one or more parties are ready to proceed on a motion on the general motion calendar, an application may be made to put it on the oral argument calendar on the next available date. No oral argument will be heard on the day of the application to place on the oral argument calendar.

Oral Argument Calendar: 

  • The Oral argument calendar is heard every Wednesday.
  • First call is at 10:00 am. Second call is at 10:45 am.
  • Defaults may be entered on second call.
  • Parties who have answered “ready” should remain in the courtroom. If you must leave to another part, inform the court clerk of your whereabouts prior to leaving the courtroom.
  • Motions on the oral argument calendar are those motions that have been adjourned from the general motion calendar, Order to Show Cause, and cross-motions that have been placed on the oral argument calendar. 
  • Adjournments for motions on the oral argument calendar are on application to the Court, even if the parties consent, and will only be granted for good cause shown. 


All parties must be present in the courtroom by 10:00 am. Unless otherwise scheduled by the Court. Prior to trial, counsel must submit to the Court marked pleadings and the bill of particulars. In addition, counsel must provide to the Court copies of any deposition testimony that will be offered into evidence. All exhibits must be pre-marked by the clerk before trial begins. 

Infant Compromise:

Hearing will be scheduled by the Court. Any adjournments must be obtained through chambers.



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