Hon. Lawrence Knipel: Part Rules

Courtroom Room Number: 774
Courtroom Telephone Number: (347) 296-1630

Chambers Room Number: 1140
Chambers Telephone Number: (347) 296-1200
Chambers Fax Number: (212) 457-2666

Principal Law Clerk: Aaron I. Blinder, Esq.
Assistant Law Clerk: Steve Montesano, Esq.

Updated: January 13, 2023


Intake: (347) 296-1592
Central Compliance Part: (347) 296-1626
City Discovery Motion Part: (347) 401-9264
Note of Issue – Final Conference Part: (347) 401-9054

Foreclosure Part 3, Commercial Part 4, Commercial Part 6, Part 57, Non-Jury Trial Readiness Part – Motions

All Motions brought on by Notice of Motion are on submission unless a request for oral argument is made and granted.

Court will grant up to four adjournments on consent if a fully executed stipulation is submitted.

If consent for an adjournment of a motion is not given, any request for an adjournment must be made in writing with notice to all parties with a reason for the adjournment and a proposed new date.  The proposed new date should be the same day of the week as the present motion.  A decision on the request to adjourn will be made on the original return date.

Orders to Show Cause

A Microsoft Teams link will be sent to all parties at least 24 hours prior to the time scheduled for virtual oral argument.  Most virtual oral arguments will be scheduled for 11am.

Applications for adjournments that are not on consent ordinarily should be made on the return date.

Matters scheduled to be heard in person are ordinarily hear in Room 774 at 9:30am.

Any Request for a reporter should be made prior to the return date.

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