Hon. Pamela L. Fisher: Rules JCP and Part 94

360 Adams Street, Courtroom 224
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Principal Law Clerk: Danielle N. Menendez, Esq. dmenend@nycourts.gov
Assistant Law Clerk: 
Part Clerk: Michael French, Suzanne Marsh, and Kadijah Sinclair-Joseph

Chambers Telephone No.: 347-296-1859
Courtroom Telephone No.: 347-296-1771

Updated: July 24th, 2023

  1. JCP is an in-person, calendar check-in part. Calendar calls are at 10:00AM and 11:00AM.
  2. Default time for jury selection, conferences and/or applications is 11:00AM. If your case is called after 11:30AM and you are not present, your case may be dismissed, transferred to Civil Court pursuant to CPLR 325(d), the Note of Issue many be vacated or an Inquest ordered (See 22 NYCRR 202.27, 202.21(e)).
  3. Adjournments by stipulation, letter, phone, e-mail, or fax are not accepted.


The applicant must comply with the requirements of CPLR §§1207 & 1208, Uniform Rule §202.67 and/or EPTL§ 5-4.6.

Applications for compromise orders must be filed electronically through NYSCEF or where the action does not participate in NYSCEF, by mail to the Motion Support Office, at 360 Adams Street, Room 227. Movant must email Danielle Menendez at dmenend@nycourts.gov to confirm receipt of the petition/motion and to provide a courtesy copy on non-e-filed actions.

Defense counsel must be noticed on all applications and documents submitted to the Court and must appear at the hearing, if scheduled, unless their appearance and receipt of supporting papers have been waived. All such waivers must be in writing and provided to the Court. The waiver must state that all remaining parties (other than the applicant) have waived service of the notice of appearance at the hearing and notice of the papers and communication in support of the application.

Upon submission of all required documents, a hearing may be scheduled and conducted virtually by way of Microsoft Teams, based on the Court’s discretion. If necessary, chambers will send an email/letter of instruction to request revisions and/or missing documents. Counsel for plaintiff(s) must appear at the hearings with their clients.

Pursuant to 22 NYCRR 202.5(e)(2), the Court requires that the infant-petitioner’s full name and date of birth appear in the order. Questions or concerns on this matter may be addressed to chambers.

Additionally, all submissions shall include either a letter offering the proposed settlement amount or a stipulation of the parties reflecting same.