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Title Name Phone Number
Chief Clerk (General Information) Lakisha C. Hickson 718-618-1400
First Deputy Chief Clerk TBA 718-618-1400
Acting Bureau Chief, Trial Bureau Margaret Kelly 718-618-1319
Bureau Chief, Legal Support Bureau Jerry Rodriguez 718-618-1335
Guardianship/Fiduciary Kenneth Jimenez 718-618-1330
Bureau Chief, Matrimonial Bureau Thomas P. Lavin 718-618-1340
Technical Manager, Computer Department Salvatore DiLauro 718-618-1770
Acting Principal Court Reporter Shonell Mabry 718-618-1500
Major, Security Office Ostacio Negron 718-618-1700
Law Division / Acting Chief Court Attorney  Mary Lynn DlaboLa 718-618-1370
Help Center Juanita L. Joseph 718-618-1350
Medical/Subpoenaed Records Stanley Mayers 718-618-1360
Librarian Ian Ustick 718-618-3710

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Building Directory

Where do I get information on...?
Adoptions Surrogate Court, Room 317
Bar Association Room 124
Borough President's Office Room 301
Cashier, Supreme Court Room 118
Certifications, copies Room 118
Commercial Real Estate Actions Room 118
County Clerk's Office Room 118
Divorce Decree, copies Room 118
Estates, Wills Surrogate Court, Room 317
Court Files for Supreme Court Room 118
Index Number Information Room 118
Judgments Room 118
Jury Duty Jury Division Room 313, also 212
Liens Room 118
Marriage Bureau Basement B-131
Help Center Room 121
Small Claims Room 105

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