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Bronx Rules for Election Matters Part 2024

AO: Foreclosure Sales Jan. 2024

Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Actions; Settlement Conference

Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP)

Chief Administrative Judge Marks’ 2021 Report on the Status of Foreclosures 

Relief for homeowners affected by COVID

Residential Foreclosures

Commercial Foreclosures

Administrative Order

Foreclosure (Justice Initiatives)


Settlement Conferences

Conferences are scheduled for those eligible pursuant to CPLR 3408.

Settlement Conferences for the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Part are held virtually per the Notices sent out via Microsoft Teams, if the case is e-filed, or by regular mail. For more information on settlement conferences, please refer to the Rules of the Foreclosure Settlement Conference Part.

Tax lien foreclosure cases will also be conferenced in the Settlement Part.
See Memorandum September 9, 2021

Information for Homeowners for a Settlement Conference



Foreclosure Forms

UCS-840 (Amended RJI)

UCS-840P (Partition RJI Addendum)


Help for Homeowners in Foreclosure

The following agencies offer services to assist homeowners who may find themselves faced with foreclosure.

The Legal Aid Society

Bronx Legal Services

New York Legal Assistance Group

Brooklyn Housing & Family Services, Inc. 

Call 311 - ask for Foreclosure Prevention Resources

Please note that Orders of Reference in Bronx Supreme Court get stamped with the following language:

“Pursuant to CPLR 8003(a) and in the discretion of the court, a fee of $250.00 shall be paid to the Referee upon the filing of his report, and in accordance with CPLR 8003 (b), the statutory fee shall be paid to the Referee at the time of the foreclosure sale.”