Team Roles & Responsibilities


The Drug Court Judge meets with the other Drug Court team members on a weekly basis prior to each Court session. At this time the Judge obtains progress reports of violations, treatment reports and discusses rewards, sanctions and appropriate phases on each defendant participating in the Drug Court.

Duties include:

  • The Judge ascertains that the client understands the Drug court process, the required commitment, and the possible outcomes resulting from graduation or failure.
  • At this or the next court appearance, the client is legally and factually advised on the case and enters a plea of guilty.
  • The client signs waivers which are also executed by the Judge.
  • Throughout the Drug Court process the Judge speaks individually to each client at the bench.
  • The client is made aware of all information discussed at the pre-court conference and responds accordingly.
  • Treatment is discussed at length and the client is encouraged to discuss his or her feelings, impressions and problems, possible questions and possible solutions, etc.
  • The Drug Court Judge recognizes the positive treatment, positive decisions, accomplishments and goal achievements of the client.
  • The Drug Court Judge will confirm required AA/NA meetings by a review of attendance sheets and set sanctions for non-compliance of prescribed treatment and/or other actions.
  • The Judge presides over the graduation ceremonies for successful clients.
  • The Judge is required to attend all Drug Court meetings and will attend the New York State and National Association of Drug Court Professionals conferences as required.
  • The Judge will be involved in outreach programs to maintain and improve education about the Drug Court throughout the treatment and local community.


The District Attorney will serve as a member of the Drug Court Team and participate in regular Drug Court staff meetings and Court sessions.

Duties include:

  • The District Attorney will determine whether an individual is eligible for Drug Court consideration by review of relevant police reports, defendant's legal history, and any additional information the District Attorney may possess.
  • Continuous review of all files for possible drug court referrals.
  • Participate in the allocution of the defendant at his/her first court appearance.
  • Ensure all appropriate waivers have been signed by defendants and witnessed by the court.
  • Attend weekly meetings of the Drug Court Team to discuss individual participant's progress and vote on any sanctions, terminations and graduations.
  • Keep weekly notes regarding progress or problems and maintain case files on each participant in the District Attorney's Office.
  • Participate with the Drug Court Team members in community outreach.
  • Attend all State and National Drug Court conferences and training as required.
  • Obtain criminal history reports prior to graduation.


Drug Court Coordinator/Case Manager will be responsible for the overall project administration.

Duties include:

  • Overall project management.
  • Liaison between treatment program, the court, Drug Court Team and police department.
  • Overall case management/tracking.
  • Monitor Drug Court expenditures and contract implementation with Chief Clerk.
  • Oversee and facilitate drug treatment plans and compliance.
  • Maintain weekly communication with treatment facilities to monitor client progress.
  • Monitor compliance with Drug Court requirements and reports to the Drug Court Team.
  • Meet with participants as required by the Court and may administer drug tests, review progress and provide support counseling.
  • Perform site visits at participant's home, employment, treatment/vocational training, etc.
  • Prepare and file periodic fiscal or progress reports as required.
  • Attend all Drug Court team meetings and court sessions.
  • Insure all Drug Court records are complete, accurate and current.
  • Update manual of procedures and forms for the operation of the Drug Court.
  • Oversee and coordinate the work of the case managers and all other Drug Court staff and volunteers.
  • Pursue funding for Drug Court activities and grants with Chief Clerk.
  • Develop and facilitate alumni group.
  • Maintain committee records, prepare minutes, agenda and schedule meetings, etc.
  • Periodic site visits to treatment centers.


The law enforcement representative will serve as a member of the Drug Court Team and participate in regular Drug Court meetings and sessions.

Duties include:

  • Attend all weekly meetings and court sessions and monitors and discusses client's progress. Is aware of any problems as they arise, and has input when sanctions and rewards are discussed.
  • Facilitate referrals to the Drug Court.
  • Provide relevant background information to the Drug Court Team.
  • Monitor client's compliance with the terms and conditions of Drug Court participation.
  • Monitor the client's random telephone calls and/or "house checks."
  • Facilitate service of warrants.
  • Attend all required training and conferences.
  • Participate with Drug Court team in community outreach programs.
  • Provide transportation to jail and security offices.
  • Act as a liaison between Drug Court and Police Department.