Screening, Assessment, Case Processing & Case Management


Screening of potential participants will be handled preliminarily by the Suffolk County Department of Probation as part of their regular pre-trial screening process (for incarcerated defendants) or by the EERIC Coordinator (for out of custody defendants).



Assessments will be conducted by a probation officer, member of the EERIC Team, or the EERIC Coordinator. EERIC will use the standard reassessment tool used by most New York State adult drug treatment courts.



Once a defendant has been screened and been found eligible for participation in the program, the District Attorney's Office and defense counsel will be contacted. The Assistant District Attorney assigned to EERIC will review the appropriate case files and, within one day, notify the EERIC Coordinator as to whether approval for participation has been granted. The EERIC team will then review the case for final approval.



The EERIC Coordinator will be responsible for case management for participants.

The EERIC Coordinator will report participant progress as follows:
  • Tuesdays, at 1:00pm, at a staffing of the team in Southampton Justice Court with Judge Kooperstein.
  • Thursdays, at 1:00pm, at a staffing of the team in Riverhead Justice Court with Judge Smith.