Graduated Sanctions & Incentives


  • Judicial admonishment.
  • Compose essay or speech for presentation to court and other participants.
  • More frequent and random drug testing.
  • Increased attendance to self help meetings (AA/NA).
  • Increased supervision by court and case manager.


  • Undertake research assignments about services in community (e.g. make list of employment assistance services, literacy programs).
  • View videos and write report.
  • Increased supervision.
  • Perform community service under the supervision of police or local agency.


  • Sit in court for entire criminal court session.
  • Perform more extensive community service.
  • Mini-intervention with EERIC team.
  • Transitional housing, electronic monitoring.
  • Increase level of treatment.


  • Spend 1-14 days in jail.


  • Termination.
  • Persistent positive drug test results.
  • Persistent absences or lateness for drug testing, treatment sessions, required 12 step meetings, court appointments.
  • Poor response to vocational or educational goals of program.
  • Any threat of violence or offensive behavior directed at other participants or program staff.
  • New arrest.

SANCTIONS will be administered if Participant FAILS to:

  • Arrive on time to treatment court or other required appointments.
  • Appear in treatment court.
  • Attend and/or participate in required 12 step program meetings.
  • Appear at scheduled treatment or case manager appointments.
  • Complete assignments given by treatment court judge.
  • Act on and/or follow through on treatment recommendations or plan.
  • Attend and/or participate in assigned educational and training programs.
  • Cooperate with sanctions.
  • Take prescribed medication.

Participant uses alcohol/drugs:

  • And takes appropriate action.
  • Discloses voluntarily but takes no other appropriate action.
  • Does not disclose until tests positive or pressed by EERIC Team personnel.
  • Tests positive and refuses to admit use.

Participant refuses to attend treatment program.

Participant has new arrest.

Participant is involved in threats of violence, destructive or offensive behaviors directed at other participants, court personnel or program staff while in or out of court.

Participant is terminated from treatment or housing.

Participant violates an order of protection.



  • Verbal acknowledgment and support from Judge and EERIC Team.
  • Handshake from Judge and EERIC Team.
  • Applause from treatment court team and audience.
  • Hugs from Judge and/or EERIC Team.
  • Certificates for completed phases.
  • Decreased appearances in court and with coordinator.
  • Books (personal journals, meditations, etc.).
  • Coins/Pins/Medallions/Key Chains.
  • Tickets to movies, events, recreational activities.
  • Scholarships to special seminars.
  • Gift certificates for items (books, CDs, etc.) and/or services (haircuts, manicures, etc.).
  • Other gift items (toys for children).