Filing by Electronic Means

As part of the New York State Courts Electronic Filing System (NYSCEF), Claims and Motions for Permission to File Late Claims may be filed in the Court of Claims electronically at the NYSCEF web page, subject to the following:

  • All papers must be in Adobe .pdf format to be filed electronically.
  • In order to file a document electronically, as an attorney or a self-represented (pro se) litigant, it is necessary to register as a filing user on the NYSCEF page.
  • When you file a claim electronically, it will be necessary to pay the $50.00 filing fee via credit card, or in person at the Clerk’s office.  Motions for permission to file a late claim do not require a fee.
  • If you file a claim, or any subsequent document, via NYSCEF, DO NOT send courtesy copies to the clerk's office or to judge's chambers unless so directed by the Judge.
  • Section 11(a) of the Court of Claims Act provides for service upon the defendant(s). An affidavit of service must be filed, electronically, with the court.
  • You must serve and file, with the claim, a Court Notice Regarding Availability of Electronic Filing. Complete the form and print it out (you will not yet know the claim number) and then serve and file it.
  • If you have a pending claim and you wish to have that claim converted to electronic filing in NYSCEF, complete the Court Notice Regarding Availability of Electronic Filing form, serve it on all other parties and file it with the court.
  • Use the Consent to E-Filing form.
  • Confirmation Notice: The court may require a filer to provide a working copy (i.e. an exact hard copy of an electronically filed document) of any document intended for judicial review. The rules require the filer to affix a copy of the Confirmation Notice received from NYSCEF upon the e-filing of the document to the working copy. The Confirmation Notice allows the court personnel to identify the document as a working copy, confirm that the document has been e-filed, and discard the document after judicial review of the document has ended.
  • Notice of Hard Copy Submission - E-Filed Case: In limited instances, attorneys or litigants may file or submit hard copy original documents in e-filed cases. Attach the Notice of Hard Copy Submission - E-Filed Case form to the hard copy original. This notice alerts court personnel that the document is an original document and determines who is responsible for uploading it to NYSCEF.
  • Notice of Hard Copy Exhibit Filing: This form is to be completed and e-filed when authorized to submit exhibits in hard copy pursuant to Rule 202.5-b.

Please read all of the information on the NYSCEF page for a complete explanation of NYSCEF and instructions on how to proceed.

View the text of Court of Claims Rule 206.5-aa and section 202.5-b of the Rules of the Chief Administrator which together, set forth the procedure for Filing by Electronic means in the Court of Claims.