Judges' Chambers Directory

All pleadings and other papers are filed with the Chief Clerk's Office, not with individual judges' chambers.




Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice
P.O. Box 7344, Capitol Station
Albany, NY 12224

Hon. Richard E. Sise
Presiding Judge

Secretary: Leah Roth
Law Clerk: Conor Foley

Phone: (518) 432-3435
Fax: (518) 432-3428

Hon. James H. Ferreira

Secretary: Michelle Laferriere
Law Clerk: Jessica Wilcox

Phone: (518) 242-3710
Fax: (518) 242-3711

Hon. Christopher J. McCarthy

Secretary: Virginia Payne
Law Clerk: Ronnie S. Lindberg

Phone: (518) 242-3730
Fax: (518) 242-3731

Hon. Frank P. Milano

Secretary: Melissa Hasan
Law Clerk: Laurence Soronen

Phone: (518) 242-3720
Fax: (518) 242-3721

Hon. David A. Weinstein

Secretary: Kerry Baggott
Law Clerk: Jeremy Best

Phone: (518) 242-3706
Fax: (518) 242-3708

Hon. Catherine Leahy-Scott

Secretary: Maria Funk
Law Clerk: James J. Wisniewski

Phone: (518) 788-9570
Fax: (518) 788-9572

Hon. Zainab A. Chaudhry

Secretary: Christa Vasto
Law Clerk: Charles Terranova

Phone: (518) 432-3907
Fax: (518) 432-3908

Hon. Richard Platkin

Please direct all correspondence to:
Albany County Courthouse
16 Eagle Street, Room 256
Albany, NY 12207

Secretary: Deborah Pasquini
Law Clerk: Ivan Pavlenko

Phone: (518) 285-8941
Fax: (518) 694-3195

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State Office Building
44 Hawley Street
Binghamton, NY 13901-4418

Hon. Catherine C. Schaewe

Secretary: Laura Viviano
Law Clerk: Denise Sheerin

Phone: (607) 240-5951
Fax: (607) 240-5955

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130 South Elmwood Avenue
Suite 300
Buffalo, NY 14202

Hon. J. David Sampson

Secretary: Lisa Rivera
Law Clerk: Jennifer Noah

Phone: (716) 515-4820
Fax: (716) 515-4823

Hon. Stephanie A. Saunders

Secretary: Carmela C. Green
Law Clerk: Kerisha Hawthorne-Greer

Phone: (716) 515-4810
Fax: (716) 515-4813

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3rd Floor
State Office Building
Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Hon. Gina Lopez Summa

Secretary: Danielle Keach
Law Clerk: Lawrence Schindelheim

Phone: (631) 339-7220
Fax: (631) 339-7223

Hon. Linda K. Mejias-Glover

Secretary: Melissa Perez
Law Clerk: Sasha Fogarty

Phone: (631) 339-7217
Fax: (631) 381-6145

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New York City

26 Broadway
New York, NY 10004

Hon. Jeanette Rodriguez-Morick

Secretary: Aicha Conde
Law Clerk: Wilton Fernandez

Phone: (212) 361-8170
Fax: (212) 361-8173

Hon. Javier E. Vargas

Secretary: Flordeliz Nunez
Law Clerk: Nicole Wint-Baksh

Phone: (212) 361-8160
Fax: (212) 361-8165

Hon. Carmen Victoria St. George

Please direct all correspondence to:
Arthur M. Cromarty Court Complex
210 Center Drive
Riverhead, NY 11901

Secretary: Tanya Karpf
Law Clerk: Mary L. Biunno

Phone: (631) 852-2702
Fax: (212) 618-7466

Hon. Edwina G. Richardson

Please direct all correspondence to:
Office for Justice Initiatives
NYS Unified Court System
111 Centre Street 
NY, NY 10013

Law Clerk: Beck K. Zucker 
Secretary Mei Wong

Phone: (646) 386-3200

Hon. Ruth Shillingford

Secretary: Kaitlyn Dormeus
Law Clerk: Beverly George

Phone: (212) 361-8114
Fax: (212) 266-9701

Hon. Seth M. Marnin

Secretary: Victoria Villalobos 
Law Clerk: Amy Nichols

Phone: (212) 361-8137
Fax: (212) 266-9700

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500 Court Exchange Building
144 Exchange Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14614-2108

Hon. J. Scott Odorisi

Secretary: Maureen Ware
Law Clerk: Leslie Swift

Phone: (585) 987-4212
Fax: (585) 987-3917

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Saratoga Springs

65 South Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Hon. W. Brooks DeBow

Secretary: Gina Hadcock
Law Clerk: Kimberly Broad

Phone: (518) 242-3701
Fax: (518) 242-3704

Hon. Kathleen B. Hogan

Please direct all correspondence to:
Saratoga County Supreme Court
30 McMaster Street 
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Secretary: Deborah Eggleston
Law Clerk: Kevin Donlon 

Phone number: (518) 285-8476

Hon. Brian R. Haak

Secretary: Tina Walters
Law Clerk: Allegra Edelman

Phone: (518) 242-3735
Fax: (518) 788-9210

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205 South Salina Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Hon. Ramón Rivera

Secretary: Morgan Savachka
Law Clerk: Judy Suddaby

Phone: (315) 466-7151
Fax: (315) 466-7154
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State Office Building
207 E. Genessee Street
Utica, NY 13501

Hon. Anthony J. Brindisi

Secretary: Heide C. Newbury-Halliday
Law Clerk: Jessica Reynolds-Amuso

Phone: (315) 266-4646
Fax: (315) 266-4363

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White Plains

140 Grand Street
White Plains, NY 10601

Hon. Walter Rivera

Secretary: Deborah Sellas
Law Clerk: Suzy Hickson

Phone: (914) 289-2310
Fax: (914) 289-2313

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