Oneonta City Court

When is an Attorney Required in the Oneonta City Court?

An attorney is required in the Oneonta City Court, by court rule, under the following circumstances:

  • The defendant is charged with a misdemeanor offense
  • The defendant is charged with a violation grade offense which involves allegations of violence

Once a defendant has retained an attorney, a Notice of Appearance is required to be filed by the attorney with the Court. Without a Notice of Appearance, the Court will not notify any attorney of future court proceedings or paperwork.

Following plea negotiations between the attorney and the prosecutor, either the attorney or the defendant is required to appear in court for placing the plea on the record. If the attorney appears without the defendant, the attorney is required to provide a written plea waiver and agreement at the court proceeding signed and notarized by the defendant. If the defendant appears without the attorney, the defendant is required to provide an affidavit signed by the attorney which agrees to the agreed plea and disposition.


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