Oneonta City Court

Payment Date

If you have been assessed a fine and/or mandatory surcharge and/or Termination of License Suspension Fee, you must make payment by the date directed by the Court.

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Acceptable Forms of Payment

  • cash
  • money order or certified bank check payable to the Oneonta City Court
  • applying bail monies to a fine (contact Court Office for information).

Note: The Court does NOT accept personal checks.

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Where to Pay

  • in person at the Clerk's Office located in the City Court
  • via mail. Do NOT send cash through the mail

Extension to Pay

If additional time is needed to pay a fine or surcharge, you must make a request in writing for an extension. Your request must indicate:

  • the reason for the extension
  • a date that you will be able to pay
  • current MAILING address and telephone number

The Court will consider the request and notify you of the its decision.

Payment Modification Form

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Consequences of Failing to Pay

Failure to pay the fine and/or mandatory surcharge as directed will result in at least one of the following consequences to be imposed on a failure to pay a fine, surcharge or fee to the Court:

  • Warrant for your arrest
  • Suspension of your drivers license
  • Imposition of an additional $70 fee on Vehicle and Traffic cases for each ticket
  • Civil judgment filed with the County Clerk which will affect your credit rating
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