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100 Supreme Court Drive
Mineola, NY 11501

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Chief Clerk's Office

Chief Clerk
Ananias Grajales, Esq.

Deputy Chief Clerk
Leonard Ambruso



Appellate Division, Supreme Court 2nd Judicial Department

Hon. Angela G. Iannacci, Associate Justice
Lisa Stone, Esq., Law Clerk
Patricia Wright, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3196
Fax: 516-493-3079

Hon. Helen Voutsinas, Associate Justice
Michael Belitsis, Esq., Law Clerk
Lillian Mosley,Esq., Assistant Law Clerk
Tel: 516-493-3207
Fax: 516-493-3387back to top


Justices of the Nassau County Supreme Court

Hon. Vito DeStefano,  Administrative Judge
Madeleine Petrara, Esq., Law Clerk
Rosanne Reddy, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3176
Fax: 516-493-3391

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Hon. Stacy D. Bennett
Matrimonial Center

Martha Haesloop, Esq., Law Clerk
Danielle Esposito, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3436
Fax: 516-493-3478

Hon. Joseph R. Conway
Matrimonial Center
Dana Grossblatt, Esq., Law Clerk
Ruth Ann Dalia, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3440
Fax: 516-493-3488

Hon. R. Bruce Cozzens, Jr.
Kathryn D. Hopkins, Esq., Law Clerk
Layne Lew, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3172
Fax: 516-493-3056

Hon. Eileen Daly-Sapraicone
Marissa Pullano, Esq., Law Clerk
Danielle Cipolla, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3155
Fax: 516-493-3016

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Hon. Edmund Dane
Matrimonial Center
Michael R. Gionesi, Esq., Law Clerk
Elaine Belitsis, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3428
Fax: 516-493-3489

Hon. Timothy S. Driscoll
Kristin Seibert, Esq.,Law Clerk
Kemely Weiss, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3184
Fax: 516-493-3380

Hon. Elizabeth Fox-McDonough
Matrimonial Center
Allison Warga, Esq., Law Clerk
Bonnie Meyerrose, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3420
Fax: 516-493-3458

Hon. Sharon Gianelli
Veronica Renta Irwin, Esq., Law Clerk
Priscilla Quansah, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk
Tel: 516-493-3286
Fax: 516-493-3386
Part Rules

Hon. Jeffrey A. Goodstein
Supervising Judge, Matrimonial Center
Court Of Claims, (AJSC)
Steven Maffei, Esq., Law Clerk
Gabrielle Pullo, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk
Tel: 516-493-3424
Fax: 516-493-3476

Hon. David J Gugerty
Eric Milgrim, Esq., Law Clerk
Kathleen Ferrandino, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3192
Fax: 516-493-3078
Part Rules

Hon. Dawn M. Jimenez
Joseph Lorenzo, Esq., Law Clerk
Paul Jordonne, Esq. Assistant Law Clerk
Tel: 516-493-3247
Fax: 516-493-3419
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Part 27 Fillable Stipulation

Hon. Sarika Kapoor
Court Of Claims, (AJSC)
Danielle Silas, Esq., Law Clerk
Kaitlyn McCracken, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk
Tel: 516-493-3372
Fax: 516-493-3043

Hon. Gary F. Knobel
Maria Boultadakis, Esq., Law Clerk
Kathleen Nolan, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3223
Fax: 516-493-3057

Hon. Joseph Lorintz
Matrimonial Center
Ian Steinberg, Esq., Law Clerk
Stephanie E Kenn, Esq. Assistant Law Clerk
Tel: 516-493-3432
Fax: 516-493-3462

Hon. Roy S. Mahon
Peter Williams, Esq., Law Clerk
Penny Alfano, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3215
Fax: 516-493-3279

Part Rules

Hon. Randy Sue Marber
Mili Makhijani, Esq., Law Clerk
Sabrina A. Chancy, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk
Tel: 516-493-3219
Fax: 516-493-3205
Part Rules

Hon. James McCormack
Greg Roth, Esq., Law Clerk
Margaret Ward, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3263
Fax: 516-493-3206
Part Rules

Hon. Felice J. Muraca
Lisa Corso, Esq., Law Clerk
Elizabeth Hildebrandt, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3164
Fax: 516-493-3411

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Adjournment Request

Hon. Jerome C. Murphy
Nancy Nicotra, Esq., Law Clerk
Jane Voltz, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3243
Fax: 516-493-3393

Part Rules

Hon. Danielle Peterson
Jeremy Jorgensen, Esq., Law Clerk
Rosemarie Licameli, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3180
Fax: 516-493-3384

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Pre-Motion Discovery Conference

Hon. Diccia Pineda-Kirwan
Andrew Piddoubny, Esq., Law Clerk
Zainab Karim, Esq., Assistant Law Clerk
Tel: 516-493-3376
Fax: 516-493-3317

Part Rules

Hon. Erica L. Prager
Rachel Zampino, Esq., Law Clerk
Corrine Glanzman, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3227
Fax: 516-493-3278

Part Rules

Hon. Christopher G. Quinn
Stephanie Rafalowski, Esq., Law Clerk
Lisa Garry, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3188
Fax: 516-493-3075

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Hon. Thomas Rademaker
Daniel McLane, Esq., Law Clerk
Marilyn McIntosh, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3160
Fax: 516-493-3037

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PC Order & Checklist

Hon. Catherine Rizzo

Lauren Reber, Esq., Law Clerk
Beatriz Fuschetto, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3211
Fax: 516-493-3412

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Hon. Denise Sher
Court of Claims, (AJSC)
Cara Anne Patton, Esq., Law Clerk
Lisa Carlisi, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3239
Fax: 516-493-3389

Part Rules

Hon. Conrad Singer
Jennifer Ferraro, Esq., Law Clerk
Lynell Giovannello, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3231
Fax: 516-493-3414

Part Rules

Adjournment Request

Hon. Leonard Steinman
Danielle Medeiros,Esq.,Law Clerk
Laureen DeLay, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3252
Fax: 516-493-3285
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Adjournment Request

Hon. David P. Sullivan
Lawrence Schaeffer, Esq., Law Clerk
Kathleen Ciotti, Secretary
Tel: 516-493-3168
Fax: 516-493-3385


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Supreme Court Support Departments


Department Phone Number
Attorney Client Fee Dispute Program (Part 137)


FAX: 493-3320

Appellate Term 493-3200
Case Mgmt & Trial Operations 493-3100
Court Information Center 493-3200
Court Reporters 493-3344
District Administration Office 493-3001
Electronic Filing Office 493-3136
Fiduciary 493-3128
Ex Parte 493-3101
Foreclosure Settlement Conf. / Auction Conf. Calendar 493-3305
Foreclosure Motions & Info Fax 493-3311
Foreclosure Covid-19 Motion Conf. 493-3267
Foreclosure Auction Information 493-3134
Foreclosure Surplus Monies / Status Conference Part 493-3108
Guardianship 493-3121
Hospital Hearings / Infant Comp. 493-3049
Intake / Preliminary Conf. Desk 493-3120
Interpreter Services 493-3612
Judgments & Orders 493-3140
Jury Duty Service 493-3334
Jury Selection Coordinator 493-3113
Law Department 493-3086
Matrimonial Clerk's Office 493-3444
Matrimonial Orders/ Judgments 493-3451
Matrimonial Motions 493-3454
Matrimonial Uncontested 493-3446
Matrimonial Contested 493-3451
Matrimonial Mediations 493-3490
Motion Support 493-3148
SCAR/ Tax Certiorari 493-3130
Security (Districtwide) 493-3039
Security/ Supreme Operations 493-3300
Security/ Mat Center Operations 493-3470
Subpoenaed Records 493-3052
Tech Help Desk 800-622-2522


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