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Court Information Center
100 Supreme Court Drive
Second Floor, Law Library
Mineola, New York 11501

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How We Can Serve You:
The Court Information Center is available to provide free general information about court procedures. The Center can provide information on which court can hear your case. Many sample court forms and informational brochures are available. You may be able to obtain phone numbers of agencies which may be able to assist in your particular situation. Lawyer referral numbers are also available. If more detailed information is needed to research your case, the Supreme Court Law Library is located adjacent to the Court Information Center. The library has computers with internet access and printers available for public use. Library personnel can assist you to find the legal resources available.
The Court Information Center:
• CAN explain court rules and procedures
• CAN provide available court forms, instructions and booklets
• CAN discuss procedural options that may be available to a litigant
• CAN explain general legal terminology
• CAN provide information as to where to look for statutes and rules
• CAN provide phone numbers to legal services and public agencies
It is important to note that this program is run by the court system. The courts and those working for the courts are neutral parties and can never take sides in any case or potential case. Therefore, the Court Information Center:
• CANNOT explain how rules and procedures apply to your case
• CANNOT explain the rules and procedures of other courts
• CANNOT help you fill out the forms
• CANNOT advise you as to whether or not your papers are legally sufficient
• CANNOT evaluate your options
• CANNOT advise you as to which option to choose
• CANNOT evaluate whether or not you should start a case
• CANNOT advise you as to which laws may be applicable to your situation
• CANNOT interpret statutes or court rules for you
• CANNOT provide you with a personal reference to an attorney
***PLEASE BE AWARE, if you are currently involved in litigation or are looking to begin a lawsuit it is highly recommended that you HIRE A LAWYER. Attorneys can provide personalized legal assistance tailored to the needs of your specific set of facts and circumstances. The Court Information Center should not and cannot replace the services of an attorney. The Center also cannot offer the legal protection of confidentiality that is recognized between an attorney and a client.


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