Commissioner of Jurors

Nassau County Grand Jury

Grand Jurors serve for a term of four weeks. The function of a grand jury is to hear evidence concerning alleged crimes. The grand jury does not have to determine issues of guilt or innocence. The grand jury must determine if there is enough evidence to indict a person. Decisions do not have to be unanimous for an indictment. However, there must be at least twelve votes in favor of an indictment. The grand jury consists of twenty-three jurors. In New York State no grand jury can conduct business unless sixteen of the grand jurors be present. Grand jurors have relative anonymity in grand jury proceedings, and there are no spectators during grand jury proceedings.

After a grand jury has been impaneled the court will appoint one of the grand jurors as foreman and another as acting foreman in the event the foreman is absent. The grand jury will be sworn in by the court.


Please report as directed on your summons to the County Court, 262 Old Country Road, Mineola 11501. Fill out the back of your summons in its entirety and bring it with you. If you have served as a juror in any court, within the past four years, please bring proof of service.