Commissioner of Jurors

Guidelines for Excuses & Postponements

New York State law has abolished all exemptions and disqualifications from jury service effective January 1, 1996

A request for an excuse or postponement must be made prior to date of service. No request will be granted on the day of service.

You can apply for your first postponement or excuse by either telephone or mail. If you are applying by phone please call 516-493-3750. If you are applying by mail complete the juror summons and mail it back to:

Commissioner of Jurors
100 Supreme Court Drive
Mineola, New York 11501

If your Jury Summons indicates that you have been previously postponed, you must serve on the date indicated on your summons.


If you are requesting a medical excuse, you must furnish a doctors note stating what your condition is and if it is permanent or temporary. Please send the doctors note back to the above address together with your original summons.

If you are claiming a caregiver excuse, send in a copy of your youngest child's birth certificate, and a statement that you are not employed. Please send the two requested proofs back to the above address along with your original summons.

If you are a student, please send in a copy of paid tuition receipt, confirmed class schedule or letter from bursar naming you a full-time student in good standing and an alternate date to serve during a school recess will be given.

**No requests from employers will be accepted**