Law Library Guidebook

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The Law Library collection of over 100,000 volumes (including volume equivalents in microform) includes a significant collection of English language legal periodicals, statutes, codes and case law for most state and federal jurisdictions. The collection also includes law related materials, comparative and international legal materials, and selected foreign legal materials.

The Law Library has been a member of the NYS Government Depository system since 1911. The Law Library government and legislative documents collection contains selected congressional reports and hearings as reprinted in the USCCAN and additional selected publications. The federal and New York government documents collection is shelved in the upper level (mezzanine) of the library.


The library rules (policies)

Library staff will not read any law or legal materials over the phone, shepardize over the phone, or perform any detailed legal research beyond a quick catalog look up, as in the query "does the library have a particular title in the collection?" Library staff are prohibited from giving legal advice, this includes advice on legal procedure, how to write pleadings or the selection of any legal forms or pleadings from any legal reference materials in the library. The library rules that we ask all patrons to observe are to ensure that our resources may be shared by everyone. We hope you understand and cooperate with our staff.

The library staff looks forward to assisting you in your  legal research. Although we are proud of the services we offer, our facilities are not unlimited.