Locating Materials


Library users are encouraged to use the UCS LION catalog to search for library materials by Author, Title, Subject and Keyword. The UCS LION catalog url is http://www.ucsils.nycourts.gov/. LION is a web based database that searches for and locates materials catalogued by any court library of the New York Unified Court System.

Searches may be restricted to the holdings of the Jamaica court library by utilizing the Advance Search page of LION. From the Advance Search page please scroll down to the Limits option and select Queens Co. Jamaica from the drop down menu before clicking GO. The results of your search will be restricted to Queens Co. Jamaica catalogued holdings.



NOTE: The library staff ceased updating and filing cards in 2005. Please consult the LION internet catalog for cataloging post 2005.

The library's card catalog, is a divided catalog. Cards are grouped into two main divisions, one set of card drawers contains only author and title cards, patrons with knowledge of a specific title or author should first look in this portion of the catalog to confirm that the library holds a given title and its shelving location. The second part of the catalog contains subject cards, the library's cataloging system uses Library of Congress subject headings.

Volumes listing all authorized Library of Congress subject headings are shelved adjacent to the catalog. Library patrons looking for publications on any given topic should first consult the subject card portion of the card catalog. The library uses an internally developed call number or classification system, it does not use LC call numbers or Dewey call numbers. A call number generally consists of four lines the first line indicates the holding library, or area of the library where the publication is shelved.



If the Supreme Court Library, Queens County does not hold the desired material, the attorney or library user should see a reference librarian about obtaining the material through interlibrary loan.

If another law library in the metropolitan area has the desired material and we do not, generally it can be arranged to provide a pass which will allow the attorney to use the material there. Should the need for access to another law library arise, the attorney should consult with a law librarian and obtain a "green letter".



Copies of all PJI civil jury instructions, current issues of the NY Jury Verdict Reporter, US Law Week, frequently consulted evidence treatises, e.g., Richardson/Prince; Fisch and daily issues of the New York Law Journal are available at the reserve desk, (circulation desk). Many frequently used treatises and hornbooks are shelved in the Reserve area. When requesting treatises or monographs on reserve, please obtain the call number from the catalog. Periodicals should be requested by volume, title, and issue or page number.

Attention Judges: Office of Court Administration Judicial Seminar video tapes and seminar course books are available at the reserve desk. A list of available videos is kept at the Reserve desk. Currently, seminar tapes are kept for two years.



The Law Library has an extensive collection of looseleaf services. These are topical materials which contain all relevant sources of law and are updated regularly. For the convenience of the patron the looseleafs published by Commerce Clearing House (CCH) and the Bureau of National Affairs (BNA) are shelved separately in one area of the library, rather than integrated into the classified collection.

The tax looseleafs are grouped together in a special area dealing only with taxation. This section includes looseleafs published by CCH, BNA, Research Institute of America (RIA), and Matthew Bender.



Periodicals are publications that are issued on a regular basis, i.e., weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc., and include law reviews, bar association journals, commercially published legal journals and legal newspapers. All unbound issues of periodicals may be requested at the Reserve desk. Once bound, periodicals, are located between aisles 35- 44 in the library's mezzanine.

Periodicals are arranged alphabetically by title. Some periodical or journal volumes may temporarily be unavailable as the volume may be in preparation at the bindery.

Legal newspapers, in general, are not bound, but are microfilmed and kept in the microform collection.