Government Documents

The Supreme Court Law Library of Queens has been a selective New York state depository library since 1911. Since that time we have amassed a collection of thousands of state and New York City documents consisting of Joint Legislative committee reports, bill summaries, assembly and senate committee reports and reports of state executive agencies. The decisions of dozens of state and city agencies are also available.

The library collection is particularly strong in materials from the first half of the twentieth century. Materials are selected to complement and supplement the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and the local courts (NYC) of the NYS Unified Court System.

An index to NYS government documents may be accessed via the LRS - legislative library's document center on-line database, ask a library staff member about this service. Print indexes to New York State government documents are available in Aisles 50 and 51 in the mezzanine. The print indexes include the Dictionary Catalog of Official Publications of the State of New York and the Checklist of Official Publications of the State of New York. All of these indexes provide author, title and subject access. Ask the Government Documents Librarian or the Reference Librarian if you have any problems in locating government document materials.