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Carney and Buttell, Exploring the Relevance of Interpersonal Dependency as a Treatment Issue in Batterer Intervention 16 Research on Social Work Practice 276-286, (2006).

Fuller, How to Effectively Advocate for Battered Women When Systems Fail, 33 William Mitchell Law Review 939-970 (2007).

Gabriel, Intimate Partner Violence in the GLBT Communities: A Selected Annotated Bibliography, 43 California Western Law Review 417-450 (2007).

Gruber, The Feminist War on Crime, 92 Iowa Law Review 741-834 (2007).

Silvergleid and Mankowski, How Batterer Intervention Programs Work: Participant and Facilator Accounts of Processes of Change, 21:1 Journal of Interpersonal Violence 139-159 (Jan. 2006).

Southworth and Tucker, Technology, Stalking and Domestic Violence Victims, 76 Mississippi Law Journal 667-676 (2007).


Internet Resources

Center for Court Innovation

Lloyd Sealy Library. John Jay College of Criminal Justice The Domestic Violence entry contains excellent links.

National Criminal Justice Reference Service.

New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence

Safe Horizon

Stalking Resource Center -- The National Center for Victims of Crime

Vera Institute of Justice


Library Resources

Batterer Intervention: Program Approaches and Criminal Justice Strategies. Kerry Healey, Christine Smith with Chris O’Sullivan. U.S. Dept. Of Justice. Issues and Practices in Criminal Justice. Feb. 1998.

Batterer Intervention Programs : Where Do We Go From Here? Shelly Jackson, et al. U.S. Dept. of Justice. June 2003.

Batterer Programs: What Criminal Justice Agencies Need to Know. Kerry Murphy Healey and Christine Smith. National Institute of Justice. Research in Action. July 1998.

Court Responses to Batterer Program Noncompliance: A National Perspective. Melissa Labriola, et al. Center for Court Innovation.

In Brief: Controversies and Recent Studies of Batterer Intervention Program Effectiveness. Larry Bennet and Oliver Williams. Applied Research Forum. National Electronic Network on Violence Against Women. Aug. 2001.

Preventing Repeat Incidents of Family Violence: A Reanalysis of Data From Three Field Texts. Robert C. Davis and Christopher Maxwell. Vera Institute of Justice. July 2002.

Predicting Abuse and Reassault Among Batterer Program Participants. D. Alex Heckert and Edward Gondolf. National Institute of Justice. 2004.

Program Completion, Behavioral Change, and Re-Arrest For the Batterer Intervention System of Cook County Illinois : Final Report to the Illinois Criminal Justice Information and Authority Larry Bennett, et al. Feb. 14, 2005.

Results From the Brooklyn Domestic Violence Treatment Experiment. Christopher D. Maxwell, Robert C. Davis, and Bruce G. Taylor. National Institute of Justice. 2004.

Stalking in America: Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey. Patricia Tjaden and Nancy Thoennes. Research in Brief. National Institute of Justice. April 1998.

A Test of the Efficacy of Court-Mandated Counseling for Domestic-Violence Offenders: The Broward Experiment. Lynette Feder and David R. Forde. Dept. of Justice. Sept. 2000.

Testing a Court-Mandated Treatment Program for Domestic Violence Offenders: The Broward Experiment. Lynette Feder and Laura Dugan. National Institute of Justice. 2004.

Testing the Effectiveness of Batterer Programs and Judicial Monitoring: Results from a Randomized Trial at the Bronx Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Court. Center For Court Innovation. Nov. 2005.

Violence Against Women: Synthesis of Research on Offender Interventions. Daniel G. Saunders and Richard M. Hamill. National Institute of Justice. June 2003.





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