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Legal Research Checklist

ALR Find by Shepard’s and references in codes, as well as index and Lexis.

Briefs Briefs contain suggestions for arguments and forms.

Citators Shepards, Keycite, New York Citators (print only) Civil Motion, Criminal, Matrimonial, Tort

CJI (Criminal Jury Instructions) On court website under Judicial Resources. Also, see Charges to the Jury and Request to Charge in a Criminal Case KFN 6171 .D69 1988

Codes Use Notes of Decisions, Commentaries, References to Forms

Forms General Commercial form sets, Litigation form sets. Also check treatises and practice books for sample forms.

LC Classification Within LC classification, browse treatises and practice books. Call Number Use Library locator to identify area: torts, products liability, criminal practice

NY Forms West’s McKinney’s Forms, Medina’s Bostwick, Bender’s, etc. Also, check treatises and practice books for sample forms.

NY Jur/Am Jur For codes, cases, explanation of law

PJI (Pattern Jury Instructions) For codes, cases, explanation of law, points to prove

West’s Digest Find Key digest number from code, or Descriptive Word Index (DWI)


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