Mission Statement

The Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission seeks to promote equal access and full participation in the Court system by persons and communities of color in the judicial process and the legal profession by:

  • Eradicating systemic racism in the court system by taking affirmative steps to address and eliminate barriers to racial and ethnic fairness in the courts;
  • Increasing racial and ethnic group representation in all levels of the court system through examination and review of current practices and recommending measures to enhance racial and ethnic diversity in the selection, retention and promotion of judicial officers, court staff and professionals in the legal community;
  • Advising Court administrators and stakeholders on issues of racial and ethnic fairness in the courts in order to formulate policy to address barriers to racial and ethnic diversity in the courts;
  • Serving as a voice for concerns of employees (both judicial and nonjudicial personnel) with respect to terms and conditions of employment;
  • Addressing issues that impact the community to ensure equal justice and treatment under the law;
  • Providing educational programming to court employees, the bench and the bar to raise awareness of racial and ethnic bias in the State court system and partnering with other Court Commissions, Committees, bar associations and justice partners to provide such programming; and
  • Conducting research, reviewing statistical data, and publishing periodic reports regarding racial and ethnic equity in the court system and in the legal profession.