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The following fees are not a comprehensive list of all fees charged by the City Court and are subject to change. Payment must be made in cash, money order or certified bank check (payable to the City Court); the court does not accept personal checks or business checks. Checks drawn on attorney accounts are accepted at the discretion of the Court. The following credit cards are also accepted- Visa/MasterCard/Discover.

Effective January 1, 2004, the maximum monetary jurisdiction for a small claim/commercial claim in a City Court has increased to $5,000.
Service Fee
Small Claims (for damages of $1000 or less)
Small Claims (for damages over $1000 up to $5000)

Commercial Claims/Consumer Transaction Claims
(fees for single defendant named in application)

Note:  Effective November 22, 2011, for each additional defendant named, an additional $ 5.89 must be added to the fee indicated in the fees column.

Counterclaims in Small Claims Court
Small Claims Jury Demand: 
(only a defendant can request trial by Jury in a Small Claims case)
  • Jury Demand fee
  • Undertaking

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Service Fee
Summary Proceedings / Evictions

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Service Fee
First Paper
Consumer Credit Fee for Judgment (Filings prior to 9/1/10)
Consumer Credit First Paper
Filed on or after 9/1/10
Judgment Fee
+ $95.00



Non-Jury Trial Note of Issue 
 Jury Demand and Trial Note of Issue: 
Damages of $6000 or less
Damages over $6000
Jury Demand fee $  70.00
Note of Issue fee +$ 40.00
Trial de Novo 

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Service Fee
Transcript of Judgment
Information Subpoena
Civil Case Appeal
Exemplified Copy (Clerk Certification with Judicial Acknowledgement)
Certified Copy
Uncertified Copy (minimum of $1.30, maximum $40.00)
Copies relative to multiple cases (civil only)
Electronic Printout on Civil Cases
$ 6.00
$ 0.65


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Service Fee
Criminal Record Search (for each name searched):   
  • Manual Search (years prior to 1990 for each two year period or fraction thereof)
 $5.00 (per two year Period)
Criminal Certificate of Disposition/Conviction

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Service Fee
Copies (minimum $1.30, maximum $30.00) $.65 per page

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