Syracuse City Court - Fees

The following fees are not a comprehensive list of all fees charged by the Syracuse City Court and are subject to change. Payment must be made in cash, certified bank check or government (postal) money order (payable to the Syracuse City Court); the court does not accept personal checks or business checks. Checks drawn on attorney accounts are accepted at the discretion of the Court.


Small Claims

Small Claims of $1,000 or less
Fee: $ 15.00

Small Claims of $1,001 to $5,000
Fee: $ 20.00

Fee: $ 5.00 plus postage

Notice of Appeal
Fee: $ 30.00

Information Subpoena
Fee: $ 3.00

Please contact the Court for current postage rates.


Commercial Claims

Commercial Claims up to $5,000
Fee: $25.00 plus postage per defendant

Fee: $5.00 plus postage

Please contact the Court for current postage rates.


Landlord/Tenant Cases

Notice of Petition Filing
Fee: $ 45.00


Civil Cases

First Paper
Fee: $ 45.00

Consumer Credit Fee for Judgment (filings prior to 9/1/10)
Fee: $95.00

Consumer Credit First Paper (Filed on or after 9/1/10 = $45.00 + Judgment fee $95.00)
Fee: $140.00

Trial Note of Issue (Non-Jury)
Fee: $40.00

Trial Note of Issue (with Jury Demand)
Fee: $110.00

Jury Demand (only)
Fee: $70.00

Trial de Novo
Fee: $75.00


Post Judgment & Other Fees

Fee: $ 6.00

Certifying a paper
Fee: $ 6.00

Photocopy Fee
Fee: $ 0.65/ea. ( $1.30 Min.)