Public Administrator

The Office of the Richmond County Public Administrator

The Public Administrator’s office, although hardly known to most people, performs extremely sensitive and needed services for the public. All of the activities of the PA’s office are guided by the Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act, specifically Article 11, the statute governing such activities, and by the guidelines established by the Administrative Board For The Offices Of The Public Administrators.

Although the public service duties of the Public Administrators are varied, the mandated functions include the responsibility for administrating the estates of individuals who die intestate (without a “Last Will and Testament”) and leave no heirs, or leave heirs who are not qualified or willing to administer the estate. The PA also administers an estate if neither the executor nor any eligible beneficiary named in the decedent’s “Will” is able or willing to serve as executor.

Contact the Public Administrator of Richmond County:
718-876-7228 or via E-mail: [email protected]

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