Help Center

The Richmond County Surrogate’s Court Help Center, under the leadership of the Honorable Matthew J. Titone, Surrogate of Richmond County, insures that self-represented litigants have clear and unencumbered access to the Surrogate’s Court. The office provides basic information to self-represented litigants on procedural matters, court rules and statutes. Some forms and informational brochures are also available.

Has the Police Dept. sealed your family member's Richmond County residence?

Under no circumstances can the office provide you with legal advice.

The Help Center may provide information or explain court procedures and policies. Additionally the office may identify different options available to a litigant. The Help Center cannot advise a litigant whether to start a case, recommend which process or procedure to use or do legal research for you. Selected forms and instructions are available and can be found on the website below.

The Help Center may not assist you in filling out these forms and may not advise you as to wording or legal sufficiency. You must do your own legal research to determine the legal content of the forms. The Help Center works in partnership with the Richmond County Supreme Court Library. Librarians may assist you in researching the procedures, statutes and legal definitions obtained from the Help Center; however, they also may not provide you with legal advice.

In addition, the New York State Unified Court System offers a web site for frequently asked questions and Official Court Forms.

Contact the Richmond County Surrogate's Court Help Center:

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