Public Inspection

Notwithstanding the provision of Article 6 of the Public Officers Law, the information contained in a financial disclosure statement maintained by the Commission is available for public inspection, except for categories of value or amount in statements pertaining to reporting years prior to 2014, the names of unemancipated children, and any information deleted by the Commission pursuant to the filer's request. Notices of Delinquency are also available for public inspection. See 22 NYCRR §40.1(p)(1).

The Commission maintains statements pertaining to the current reporting year and the six previous reporting years.

You may request a public inspection by completing the public inspection request form, or by calling the Commission office at 212-428-2899. Copies of financial disclosure statements prepared for public inspection can be delivered to the inspector by regular mail or by email.

The identities of public inspectors, and documents pertaining to the requests for public inspection, are not available for public inspection.

Unredacted copies of financial disclosure statements may be produced by the Ethics Commission in compliance with subpoenas.

See 22 NYCRR §7400.5.