Accessing Court Calendars

Criminal Court

Future case information and dates are available at WebCrims:

Cases filed First District Court Criminal Court

Town Ordinance cases filed in 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th Districts

WebCrims shows future dates for criminal court cases by searching by defendant's name or docket number, or get a list of calendared cases for a future date.WebCrims does not show Bench or Arrest Warrants, cases without a future court date, or finished cases.




Civil, Landlord-Tenant, Small Claims, Commercial Small Claims

Case information and dates available online at WebCivil Local:

Cases filed in the outlying District Courts - index numbers "•• ######-YY/•• "
      ••prefix CC CV LT or SC       •• suffix BA BR CE HU IS or SM
WebCivil Local shows civil court cases by searching by index number, party name, attorney name, or judge name, or calendar information by court, judge and part.

Landlord Tenant (LT) cases without a future calendar date or after 14 days past the last appearance will not be found. Cases prior to 2006 will not be found unless the case has been restored or calendared since 2013. Sealed cases will not be found.

Town Ordinance case information and dates are not available online at this time.


Call 631 208-5775 with the case number during business hours to check for future dates on:

  • Town Ordinance cases (or call the outlying courthouse where your action is filed)
  • if you cannot find your criminal or traffic matter in WebCrims.

Persons in court-related agencies may access the completed District Court calendars from the internet.

Personnel from the Probation and Police Departments, Legal Aid Society, and District Attorney's and Sheriff's Offices may access finished civil and criminal calendars and the annual schedule. Contact the Chief Clerk's Office for more information.



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