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All 6 District Courts are closed. No eviction orders shall be signed or executed. No default judgments shall be granted. All proceedings will occur at the Cohalan Court Complex.


Information about Coronavirus and the NYS Courts

Administrative Orders, Operational Changes due to Coronavirus Crisis

Responding to an Eviction Proceeding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Fourth District Court
(Small Claims, Civil Court, Smithtown Town Ordinance)
(631) 381-6090

Building 158, North County Complex
Veteran's Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY 11788

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Photo of Hauppauge Courthouse

The District Court is located in a Suffolk County Office Complex, across the parking lot from the 4th Precinct and the Medical Examiner.

This is not the Traffic Violations Bureau courthouse.

From the Long Island Expressway (I-495)
Take Exit 57 (Veterans Memorial Highway - State Route 454) westbound, towards Hauppauge. Proceed about 2.7 miles. You will merge with the Smithtown Bypass (State Route 347) and you will pass the State Office Building and the Dennison Building on your left. There will be a sign for Suffolk County Offices on your right. Make a right into the complex and follow sign to Fourth District Court in Building 158.

From the Northern State Eastbound
Proceed to the end of the Northern State Parkway. It will turn into State Route 347 and merge into State Route 454 (Veterans Memorial Highway). At the 3rd light make a left at the sign for Suffolk County Offices. Follow the sign to Fourth District Court in Building 158.

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