PART 20. Nonpublic Facilities

Section 20.1 Transaction of official business in nonpublic facilities.

(a) The transaction of official business by judges, justices and nonjudicial personnel of the Unified Court System, when permitted to be held in a nonpublic facility, shall not knowingly be conducted in a facility which by practice, by law or other regulation restricts membership or admission thereto on the basis of sex, race, color, ethnic origin, religion, creed or or sexual orientation. Reimbursement from State funds shall be denied for knowing violation of this subdivision.

(b) The term transaction of official business, for purposes of this section only, shall mean and apply to sessions, conferences and seminars conducted by or under the auspices of the Unified Court System.

Historical Note
Sec. amd. filed Nov. 7, 1979; renum. 3.1, new added by renum. 20.21, filed Feb. 2, 1982; amd. filed June 7, 1996 eff. June 7, 1996. Amended (a).

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