PART 04: Reports Of Pending Matters

Section 4.1 Statement of pending cases; report of pending transcripts; requirements.

(a) The Chief Administrator of the Courts shall regularly obtain, in such form and at such times as such Chief Administrator may require, (1) a statement from every judge and justice of every court indicating the matters which have been pending undecided before such judge or justice for a period of 60 days after final submission and the reasons therefor, and (2) a statement from every justice of the Supreme Court indicating any motions for or related to interim maintenance or child support pending undecided before such justice for a period of 30 days after final submission, and the reasons therefor.

(b) The appropriate administrative judge in each judicial district shall obtain, from each court reporter or court stenographer in the district, a report, in such form and at such times as the Chief Administrator may prescribe, detailing the matters in which a transcript has not been furnished within 40 days after an order therefor has been placed, and the reasons for the delay.

Historical Note
Sec. filed April 2, 1979; renum. 105.1, new added by renum. and amd. 20.2 and 20.6, filed Feb. 2, 1982; amd. filed Feb. 22, 1988 eff. April 1, 1988. Amended (a).

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