Matrimonial Part Westchester Supreme

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Matrimonial Part Rules(rev 03/23/2023)

E-filing is now available on a voluntary basis in the matrimonial part. See the Guide to Working Copies.

Instructions for Filing Uncontested Matrimonial Judgment of Divorce Packet and Settled Matrimonial Judgment of Divorce



Preliminary Conference Stipulation/Order-Contested Matrimonial 

Statement of Net Worth

Trial Ready Order (rev 10/18/22)

Uncontested Divorce Forms


Contact Information

Supervising Judge
Hon. Victor Grossman


Hon. Keri A. Fiore
Courtroom: 1000
Clerk: Terrence Daly
Phone: 914-824-5165

Hon. James L. Hyer
Courtroom 1003
Clerk: Kimberly Kirklin
Phone: 914-824-5822

Hon. Amy S. Puerto
Courtroom 1001
Clerk: Lucille Valentin
Phone: 914-824-5364

Hon. Rolf M. Thorsen
Courtroom 1002
Clerk: Justine Guardiola
Phone: 914-824-5396

Rosemary Palladino, Matrimonial Coordinator
Phone: 914-824-5337

Court Attorney Referees
Erin Guven
Laurie Sullivan


Alternative Dispute Resolution




Divorce Resources (Statewide)