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General Forms

Affidavit in Opposition

Affidavit of Service After Commencement of Litigation

Affidavit of Service Initiating Papers

Answer Verification

Answer Consumer Credit Transaction

Interpreter Request for Civil Proceedings

Notice of Motion for Civil Proceeding and Affidavit

Notice of Petition and Verified Petition

Order to Show Cause and Affidavit in Support

Order to Show Cause with Temporary Restraining Order and Affidavit in Support

Reply Affidavit

Request for Judicial Intervention

Sample Complaint

Settlement Conference Part Summary Jury Trial Rules & Forms

Statewide Forms Supreme Court


Summons with Notice

Uncontested Joint Divorce Program Booklet

Wrongful Death Compromise Motion Checklist


Article 81

Article 81 Findings of Fact, Conclusion of Law and Judgment

Article 81 Order to Show Cause


Name Change Adult

Adult Name Change DIY Forms

Petition/Consent/Order for Adult Name Change


Name Change Child

Petition for Infant Name Change

Consent for Infant Name Change

Infant Change of Name Order

Request for Judicial Intervention


Matrimonial Actions

Uncontested Matrimonial Pilot Program for Westchester County

Westchester County along with Kings, Ontario, Broome Counties are participating in a pilot program for joint uncontested divorce for matters for divorces based on DRL§ 1707(7) – Irretrievable breakdown in relationship for at least six months. Separate sets of forms have been developed for parties with and without children. An informational booklet is available to assist with filling out forms. Forms are available here and at the Court.

Information Booklet Exhibit A
Required Forms Packet with Children Exhibit B
Additional Forms Appendix with Children Exhibit C
Required Forms Packet No Children Exhibit D
Additional Forms Appendix No Children Exhibit E

Announcement for Uncontested Joint Divorce Program Pilot
Divorce Resources and Statewide Forms 

Virtual Uncontested Matrimonial Volunteer Lawyer Program - Apply here to receive assistance in completing the application for an uncontested divorce


Medical Mal-Practice

Trial Readiness Stipulation
Preliminary Conference Stipulation and Order


Civil Case Management Forms

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Order - Funds for Deposit/Infant Compromise

Interpreter Request for Civil Proceedings

Lien Deferral/Reduction Request
Lien Request Form - NYC Human Resources Admin (used by HMS/OMIG) 
Lien Search Request - Westchester County  (rev 5-2-23)

Preliminary Conference Stipulation
Trial Readiness Stipulation Order
Central Pre-Trial Alternative Dispute Resolution Conference Form
Preliminary Conference Stipulation and Order for Medical Malpractice

Application for the Withdrawal of Infant's Settlement Funds
Sample Infant’s Compromise Order for a Structured Settlement
Sample Infant’s Compromise Order with Bank Deposit
Sample Order to Show Cause for Infant/Incapacitated Person Compromise
Sample Structure Broker Affidavit
Sample Wrongful Death Order with Referral to Surrogate Court for Allocation and Distribution
Stipulation of Settlement Subject to Infant’s Compromise Order or Wrongful Death Compromise Order