Orange Newburgh Mural Project


Hon. Kathie E, Davidson, Administrative Judge of the Ninth Judicial District, welcomed to the Newburgh City Courthouse, "Newburgh the Evolution of an American City, a series of 10 individual mural panels. Judge Scheinkman congratulated artist Bryan Gugliemi on being selected from 36 submissions in a structured jury process conducted by the Newburgh Arts and Culture Commission.

The artwork and design were commissioned under the city's "Percent for Art" program, which allows a small portion of a municipal construction project to be completed by an artist contractor instead of a general contractor. During the dedication ceremony Judge Scheinkman addressed the artist and all who gathered for the ceremony, commenting "on behalf of Chief Judge Lippman, we in the Unified Court System congratulate the City of Newburgh and Bryan Gugliemi on the completion of this important and vital work of art, which pulls together elements from the life of the City, and ties it in a unique and challenging way to its setting which, like the mural itself, is both historic and new."


Newburgh entrance


Hon. B. Harold Ramsey, Judge of the Newburgh City Court, added that the scenes in the mural represent many phases of Newburgh and depict: "active, lively people going about making Newburgh a beautiful city. This mural will remind all of us that Newburgh is a city whose roots of the present are deep in the past."