Wayne County Family Court


Hon. Richard M. Healy

Hon. Arthur Williams

Hon. Daniel G. Barrett


Chief Clerk

Corinne Sergeant


Support Magistrate

  • Sonali R. Suvvaru, Esq.


Location Information

Clerks Office
54 Broad Street
Lyons, NY 14489

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Phone: 315-665-8115
Fax: 315-665-8106

General Info

  • Parties requesting Orders of Protection are referred to:
    • Survivor Advocacy of the Finger Lakes, located at 132 Harrison Street, Newark, NY, Tel: 1-800-456-1172

    • Family Counseling Service of the Finger Lakes, Inc., Tel: 1-800-695-0390

  • All adjournment requests must be made in writing to the Family Court Clerk's office with the consent of all parties. Cases that are scheduled for hearing and/or are over Standards and Goals must also have the approval of the assigned Judge or Magistrate. Cases remain on the scheduled date until the Judge/Magistrate approves the adjournment and the Clerk's Office receives confirmation of an agreed upon date.
  • Support Court adjournment requests must be received at least 48 hours prior to the court appearance to be considered.
  • Attorneys are required to submit a signed Notice of Appearance..
  • More information available on the 7th District Family Court page, including: