Oneida City Court - Traffic Unit

To Recipients of Vehicle & Traffic Citations

As a defendant, you are entitled to be represented by counsel at every stage of this proceeding.

You have a right as well to a speedy trial as defined in the Criminal Procedure Law.

You have a right to be physically present for arraignment and upon your first appearance before the Court, the People become required to meet their discovery obligations as set forth in the Criminal Procedure Law.

Upon an entry of a plea of guilty, you are essentially waiving your right to a trial of your case, at which the People are charged with proving you guilty of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. A plea of guilty may have a serious impact on your future privilege to operate a vehicle.

If you plead not guilty to the charge(s), you are entitled to, and may request that you be furnished with a supporting deposition. Your request for the supporting deposition must be timely and prior to trial to enable the complainant to provide the deposition to you at least 5 days prior to trial.

Should you hire an attorney, please have the attorney forward a letter of representation to the court for a further adjournment.

Should you desire to conference the matter with the District Attorney's office prior to trial, either your attorney or you, if you are  appearing without counsel, may do so by appearing at the next District Attorney Conference Day.

The Madison County District Attorney has implemented a Traffic Diversion Program. Information on this may be found at:

Failure to handle this matter may result in your license being suspended.

Parking Ticket Dispute Form

Notice from the District Attorney