Visiting Surrogate's Court


The court's staff has returned to work in person at the courthouse on a full-time basis. 

  • VISITING THE COURTHOUSE: Safety measures and precautions continue to be taken to protect the health of employees and court users.
    • Please refrain from visiting the courthouse if you have flu-like or COVID-like symptoms.
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the courthouse.
    • Use of face masks is optional.
    • Visitors to the different offices or departments of the court will be served in person one at a time and will continue to have the option of dropping off documents to be reviewed at a later time by the clerks. If documents are dropped off, the filing party may alert the staff of emergency or urgent applications
  • APPEARANCES AS A RESULT OF CITATIONS AND OTHER PROCESS: Citations or orders to show cause (as process) may direct in person appearances, no in-person appearances or appearances by remote or electronic means. If a virtual appearance is directed, parties or their counsel will receive instructions on how to appear virtually or will be contacted by court personnel to arrange for such appearance.
  • CONFERENCES: Most conferences and proceedings will continue to be conducted virtually. Requests for in-person conferences will be entertained.
  • TRIALS AND HEARINGS:  When a hearing or trial is scheduled, parties will be notified whether the proceedings will be conducted in person, via electronic means or in hybrid fashion. Parties may request that their appearance be in person or virtual.
  • HELP CENTER: If you don’t have an attorney and you need assistance you may visit our Help Center, which is open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm in room 302.
  • RECORDS ROOM: The Records Room is open to the public. Appointments are optional. Please email [email protected] or call 646-386-5090 for an appointment or more information.
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The terms of this notice are subject to modification as the need arises.