The court's staff has returned to work in person at the courthouse on a full-time basis. 

COVID & Surrogate's Court


New Process for Filing Motions in New York County Surrogate's Court

Effective February 1, 2023, a new process for noticing motions and setting their return date in the New York County Surrogate’s Court will go into effect. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the court has been issuing scheduling orders to calendar and set return dates for motions filed with the court. The use of Notices of Motion will now resume with templates for such notices provided by the court. Links to a “Notice of Motion” template for each Surrogate and to instructions for using the templates are found below.

Use of these templates will assist the court’s staff in efficiently and promptly processing and calendaring motions. There may be delays if a litigant files a motion without using the appropriate template. 

Please note that the Notice of Motion template for each Surrogate provides that there will be no appearance on the initial return date of the motion, and any appearance must be separately requested in accordance with the instructions in the Notice of Motion template. If an appearance is requested, the court’s staff will coordinate that appearance (whether in person or virtual) with the parties. This appearance may, but most likely will not, be on the noticed return date. If no appearance is requested, the motion will be marked submitted on the return date. 

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Surrogate's Court
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Serving the estates of individuals who were domiciled in New York County (Manhattan) at the time of their death.

For estate matters of decedents having been domiciled in any other county, please contact the Surrogate's Court of that county directly.

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Direct Department Contacts

Miscellaneous Dept. / Calendar Clerk 
(To file Affidavits of Service, Applications to Open Safe Deposit Boxes & Sealed Apartments)
Phone: 646-386-5001 

Accounting Department 
(Estate & Trust Accountings)
Phone: 646-386-5002 

Guardian / Adoption Department 
(Infant / 17A Applications)
Phone: 646-386-5003 

Probate Department 
(Decedents leaving a will)
Phone: 646-386-5004

Administration Dept. / Small Estates 
(Decedents leaving no will)
Phone: 646-386-5005

Cashier / Certificates / Certifications 
Phone: 646-386-5006

Records Search & Certifications 
Phone: 646-386-5090

Law Department Reception Area 
Phone: 646-386-5800

New York County Public Administrator 
(Estates of decedents leaving unknown heirs / Police Property Vouchers)
Phone: 212-788-8430, Room 311