Approved Jurisdiction List and Policy

Effective November 1, 2014

Under New York’s Approved Jurisdiction policy, so long as certain requirements are satisfied, New York attorneys may count towards their New York CLE requirement credit earned through participation in out-of-state courses accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction. The policy applies to both traditional live classroom-format and nontraditional-format courses (online, DVD, teleconference, etc.). Traditional live classroom-format courses are out-of-state if they take place outside of New York State. Nontraditional-format courses are out-of-state if the sponsor organization is headquartered outside of New York State.

NEW YORK APPROVED JURISDICTIONS, effective November 1, 2014

Group “A”:

Alabama Louisiana Oklahoma
Arkansas Mississippi Oregon
Colorado Nevada Rhode Island
Delaware New Hampshire South Carolina
Georgia New Mexico Tennessee
Indiana North Carolina Utah
Kansas North Dakota Virginia
Kentucky Ohio Wisconsin
    Law Society of Hong Kong


Group “B” (For these jurisdictions, please retain written materials.):

Alaska Maine Texas
California Minnesota Vermont
Florida Missouri Washington
Hawaii Montana West Virginia
Idaho Nebraska Wyoming
Illinois New Jersey  
Iowa Pennsylvania  


Requirements for Claiming Credit for an Out-of-State Course Under New York’s Approved Jurisdiction Policy

An attorney claiming credit for an out-of-state course must retain the following documentation for a period of at least four (4) years:

EXPERIENCED ATTORNEYS (admitted to the New York Bar for more than two years)

NEWLY ADMITTED ATTORNEYS (admitted to the New York Bar for two years or less)

Please note that, generally, newly admitted attorneys must earn CLE credit in a format permissible for that category of credit. Additional Information.


To calculate and report credit (for all attorneys)

  • calculate the number of credits earned according to New York standards
  • refer to the category of credit definitions to determine the appropriate category(ies) for the credits
  • when you file your Attorney Registration form, include these credits when computing the total number (and categories) of CLE credits completed (there is no need to notify the CLE Board or Attorney Registration that you are claiming credits under New York’s Approved Jurisdiction policy)


Additional Information for Sponsors and Attendees of Out-of-State CLE Courses

  • If an out-of-state course is not accredited by a New York Approved Jurisdiction, New York CLE accreditation of the course may be sought either by the sponsor of the course (Application for Sponsoring Organization) or by an individual attorney who attended or otherwise participated in the course (Application for Attorney Participant). (Please note that if the sponsor is not able to independently verify attorneys’ attendance at the course, the course will not be accredited.)
  • All courses that take place in New York State – that is, traditional live classroom-format courses held in New York State and nontraditional-format courses offered by provider organizations whose headquarters are located in New York State – must be accredited by the New York State CLE Board in order for an attorney to earn CLE credit for the course.
  • Credit may be claimed only in a manner consistent with New York’s CLE Rules and Regulations — for example, credit may not be claimed for marketing, networking and/or business development courses, or for text-only courses.
  • Even though a course sponsor may be able to state that New York’s Approved Jurisdiction policy applies, the sponsor may not state that the course has been accredited by New York and may not issue the official New York CLE Certificate of Attendance.
  • The Approved Jurisdiction policy may apply even if the course is not accredited by the jurisdiction in which it takes place. So long as the course takes place outside of New York State and is accredited by any New York Approved Jurisdiction, the policy applies.
  • For additional information on New York’s Approved Jurisdiction policy, please refer to section 6 of the CLE Board Regulations and Guidelines.
  • For questions, please contact CLE staff at [email protected], or by telephone at 212-428-2105 or toll free from outside of New York City at 1-877-NYS-4CLE