The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Courts

The New York State Unified Court System is committed to fully complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act by ensuring that all individuals with disabilities have full and equal access to the courts. In each courthouse, there is a key person—an ADA liaison who can assist court users in obtaining accommodations.  Individuals seeking accommodations are encouraged to call or email their local Court ADA Liaison as soon as possible in advance of the appearance date.

For information regarding accessibility in a specific court, including the local ADA Liaison, accessible entrances and related services, select the county and court in which you are interested through the links provided in the chart below.

For more information on ADA and the Courts, please visit the Unified Court System’s ADA website:



  Supreme / County
Other City Courts

301 N. Washington Street, 5th, Floor, Suite 5550

301 N. Washington Street, 5th Floor, Suite 2501

301 N. Washington Street, 5th, Floor, Suite 5550


Little Falls City Court, 659 East Main Street, Little Falls


Supreme Court Dulles State Office Building, 317 Washington St., Watertown

County Court 163 Arsenal St., Watertown

163 Arsenal St., 1st Floor, Watertown

163 Arsenal St., 3rd Floor, Watertown


Watertown City Court, 245 Washington Street, Watertown


Supreme and County Court 7660 State Street, 2nd Floor, Lowville

7660 State Street, 3rd Floor, Lowville

7660 State Street, Lowville



Supreme and County Court 200 Elizabeth St., Utica


Supreme Court 302 N. James St., Rome


Supreme Court 207 Genesee St., Utica

Family Court Utica 200 Elizabeth St., 1st Floor, Utica

Family Court Rome 301 W. Dominick St., Rome

800 Park Ave, 8th Floor, Utica


Rome City Court 100 W. Court St., Rome

Sherrill City Court 373 Sherrill Road, Sherrill

Utica City Court 411 Oriskany St. West, Utica


Supreme Court, 401 Montgomery St., Syracuse

Supreme Court Matrimonial Part, State Office Bldg. 333 E. Washington St., 8th Floor, Syracuse

County Court , 505 S. State St., Syracuse

401 Montgomery St., Syracuse

401 Montgomery St., Syracuse


505 S. State St., Syracuse


Supreme and County Court 25 E. Oneida St., Oswego

County Court 39 Churchill Rd., Oswego

Public Safety Center 39 Churchill Rd.,Oswego

25 E. Oneida St., Oswego


Fulton City Court 141 S. First St.,Fulton

Oswego City Court 20 W. Oneida St., Oswego