PART 133. Unified Court System Merit Performance Award Program

Section 133.1 Program.

(a) Purpose. The Merit Performance Award Program (hereinafter "program") is designed to recognize and reward employees of the Unified Court System for meritorious conduct on the job or in the community.

(b) Eligibility. All employees of the Unified Court System shall be eligible for nomination for an award under this section. Such nomination may be made by any person.

(c) Program coordinator. There shall be a Merit Performance Award Program Coordinator who shall be responsible for operation of the program. The coordinator shall:

(1) ensure that nomination forms are made available;

(2) receive nominations;

(3) solicit comments thereon from appropriate authorities; and

(4) transmit to the Merit Performance Award Program Committee each nomination that he or she believes should be subject to consideration for an award.

(d) Merit Performance Award Program Committee; review of nominations. There shall be a Merit Performance Award Program Committee, consisting of the Deputy Chief Administrative Judges and the Deputy Chief Administrator for Management Support. At appropriate intervals, the committee shall review nominations received from the program coordinator and shall recommend to the Chief Administrator those that it believes merit an award under the program. The Chief Administrator then shall make a final determination thereon.

(e) Awards. Each nomination that is approved for an award by the Chief Administrator shall receive a certificate of commendation signed by the Chief Judge of the State of New York and a Unified Court System medallion.

Historical Note
Sec. added by renum. 131.1, filed Dec. 2, 1987 eff. Dec. 1, 1987.

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