Pretrial Release Data

The Division of Technology & Court Research (DoTCR) created the Pretrial Release Data in response to Judiciary Law 216 (5) / Executive Law 837-U, requiring the Unified Court System (UCS), in conjunction with the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), to collect and publish data on pretrial release and detention. Additional fields have been added to this extract to make it more robust for researchers studying the bail reforms from the 2019 Criminal Justice Legislation.
The de-identified csv extract contains statewide criminal arraignments from January 1st, 2020 to June 30, 2022 and will be refreshed every six months to add cases and to update information from prior extracts. Dates may appear in Excel as MM/01/YYYY but only the month and year are reflective of the true data.  Each row contains a defendant-docket arraigned with a top arraignment charge of felony or misdemeanor. Information on case location, intake process, representation type, release decisions, top charge, demographics, case status, disposition, and prior arrest & rearrest (provided by DCJS) are included.  

A Pretrial Release Data Dashboard was also created using the extract data. 

Note: Superior Courts have now been partially included on the dashboard and extract. This data will be complete on future extracts for arraignments starting in 2023. Please refer to the Pretrial Release Data Dictionary, especially the fields:  Case Type, UCMSLiveDate, & Arr_cycle_id.

DCJS and OCA also coordinated and compiled data detailing cases arraigned in 2019, prior to the bail law changes, as well as cases arraigned in 2020 and 2021. 

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Outside New York City

  • 61 City Courts
  • 2 District Courts
  • 57 County Courts (including Supreme Criminal Terms) complete after UCMSLiveDate

New York City

  • 5 Criminal Courts of the City of New York 
  • 2 Community Courts (from 3/28/21)
  • 5 Supreme Courts (Criminal Terms) complete after UCMSLiveDate