Statewide Landlord Tenant Eviction Reports

The Division of Technology & Court Research (DoTCR) created the Statewide Landlord Tenant Eviction Dashboard to help answer questions about the volume and trends of landlord tenant eviction filings in the State. U.S. Census information about the geographic locations of the people involved in these filings is also available.

The Statewide Landlord Tenant Eviction Dashboard summarizes case-level data into dynamic tables and graphs. The dashboard contains information on landlord tenant eviction cases from January 2019 to present and is refreshed weekly. These data include city, district, and town & village courts statewide. 

Data limitations: Town and Village courts must indicate the case is a "summary proceeding" in order to count it as an eviction filing. Prior to COVID (March 2020), courts may not have been diligent about marking the cases this way. Therefore, it is possible the eviction filings are undercounted prior to March 2020.

There are lags in data entry which varies by court, sometimes as long as three months.

Warrants of eviction issued are only available for city and district courts statewide; town and village data are not available. Warrants of eviction issued are a proxy measure. There could have been (for example) post disposition activity that vacated the warrant, the warrant could have been rejected by the marshal, or the information about the warrant of eviction being executed has not been communicated back to the court. A few smaller city courts outside of New York City do not issue warrants of eviction using our case management system so the warrants of eviction issued may be under counted. 

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