How to Become a Hearing Officer

Special Note

Until further notice, the following counties are not accepting applications for appointment as a Small Claims Assessment Review Hearing Officer:

Dutchess, New York, Orange, Putnam, Queens, Westchester and Rockland.



The Chief Administrative Judge of the Unified Court System is responsible for appointing SCAR Hearing Officers from the available applicant pool, which occurs after the applications have been screened by the local Administrative Judges of the various judicial districts and recommendations have been made. A SCAR Hearing Officer’s continued eligibility to serve is dependent upon, among other things, the Hearing Officers’ completion of training, which will be provided live and by video every two years though the NYS Judicial Institute.

Appointment as a SCAR Hearing Officer does not guarantee the assignment of SCAR petition.

SCAR Hearing Officers are bound by a code of ethics as set forth in Section 74 of the Public Officer’s Law. In addition, Hearing Officers must comply with the Rules of the Chief Administrator, Part 100, in the performance of the judicial function.



Hearing Officers must meet one of the following qualifications:

1. An attorney admitted to the New York State Bar, registered with the New York State Office of Court Administration

2. A trained, certified Appraiser

3. A trained, former Assessor (current Assessors are not eligible)

4. A licensed Real Estate Broker

5. Have possession of a residential appraisal license from the New York State Department of State

Current Assessors, Members of the Board of Assessment Review and Members of the Assessment Review Commission do not qualify.



Hearing Officers are compensated at the rate of $75 per hearing with a cap of $300 per day.



Mandatory training is provided by the Office of Court Administration every two years. Hearing Officers are required to participate in the most CURRENT training. Failure to participate in the most CURRENT mandated training may result in the loss of Hearing Officer Designation.


Application to Become a Hearing Officer

Application Form


Relevant Statutes

Real Property Tax Law §729-739
Go to RPT Real Property Tax, then Title 1-A, then 729 - 739.

Uniform Rules for the Trial Courts 22 NYCRR §202.58